Welcome to EarthTec QZ

EarthTec QZ (QZ) is an EPA-approved molluscicide for prevention and control of quagga and zebra mussels.  QZ’s unique liquid formulation is proven effective at exterminating adult mussels and preventing settlement and infestation by larval-stage veligers.  (See the Technical section for independent studies)

QZ is NSF-certified to ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water, making it one of the safest approaches available at controlling the spread and infestation of this devastating species.  EarthTec QZ can be applied in lakes, reservoirs and pipelines.  It is a self-dispersing product that is 100% bioavailable.  The zebra mussels do not detect a threat and readily ingest the QZ.  Studies have confirmed 100% mortality within a 48-96 hr period of time.  It has also shown to be effective at concentrations that are safe for most fish and other non-target organisms. 

EarthTec QZ is currently looking for additional trial sites.  Please contact us to find out more information.